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Sonic Twins is a composer duet by two sisters (Anna and Anastasia). The project was launched in March 2020. 

In their time at Gnesin’s Russian Academy of Music, as well as in their professional career, the sisters have won many international competitions for composers and pianists. Their music has been performed by musical ensembles in Russian, European and US cities. The duo also takes part in creating music for films, TV promo and commercials.


Anna and Anastasia are currently working on their main project, Sonic Twins. On March 25 2020 sisters released their debut EP album "In Infinity", as well as a video directed by Fedor Romm for the leading song. The video has received numerous prizes at international film festivals in England, France, Germany, Argentina, Italy, USA, Ireland and Slovakia.


Sonic Twins work within postminimalism, classical crossover with jazz elements, ambient/electronic and contemporary classical styles.


The formula of SONIC TWINS music is a combination of the beauty of melodic motifs with unusual rhythmic patterns coupled with rich harmony accessible to the widest audience!

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